Blood on the Clocktower

session ONE

Saturday 4 – 6 pm (First Session – Rookies)

session TWO

Sunday 4 – 6 pm (Full Game)


7 players minimum

Games are best starting at 7 players and can accommodate up to 15 or so.

Trouble is Brewing in the town of Ravenswood Bluff. A Demon has possessed one of the townsfolk and has employed the services of some infernal minions. The town must find and purge this presence by sharing information about what they know. Come play this new game of social deduction where everyone has a role and death is not the end. Early sessions will use introductory scripts to get players used to the system and the other players. Later sessions may use more complicated scripts or custom characters.

The first session on Saturday will be from the script “Trouble Brewing” to introduce players to the game.

Follow on sessions will be at the Story Teller’s discretion, and may involve custom scripts or unreleased characters.

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